What is Beer, Brushes, and Boards?

Julie Tew

Beer, Brushes, and Boards is a unique event where everyone can have a different, customized, painting on either repurposed pallet boards or solid repurposed pine, birch, or plywood.

We refer to Beer and Boards since we hold most of our events in local breweries.  Brushes and Boards is reserved for our underaged participants as well as our civic events.

All designs are located on our Google Drive.  Requests are welcomed and encouraged- we love new designs!

 Our calendar is also available for all to see.


We use stencils to guide us through the process. There is always the option to freehand paint, but we find our clients are happier knowing they will get a presentable finished painting. We use wood because we like the rustic look, as well as we have the opportunity to reduce our footprint by recycling and repurposing wood. We get our pallets locally and cut down each one and reattach for the finished paint canvas. Other wood comes from local builders as well as Habitat for Humanity-Resell. We sand and prepare the wood for ideal painting and we finish it with the base coat you have chosen. We use a variety of acrylic and chalk paint. We use oil based enamel for the frames. All frames are handmade and there will be variations; meaning it will not be perfect. We use standard brown leather enamel for our frames, unless otherwise requested. Everything is cut, painted, and designed on your direction and customization. If there is an option not available, please ask and we will try to accommodate your request. Options might include a specific color, font, or a specific design...we can make almost anything into a stencil.

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